Last blog challenge ;(

This is my last blog intil march. I wrote 8 post this year and all of them are school based. I recived about 5-10 comments.A lot of commets came from my rock story.The best post i wrote was My rock story because i got to make a story about a rock going through its rock cycle.Thanks and have fun.Please comment

About Me

What up!!!!! My name is Dashawn Dekle and I am going to tell you a little bit about me.

About me

I have a little sister name Kianna and a wonderful family. I am an artist , I like to hangout with my friends and I can make a lot of people laugh. I also try to help and care For other people.

My Awesome Rock

When I was on the beach I seen a rock glimmered in the ocean.I went to pick it up and I thought what it had been through.It could of been through a volcano because it was a little rough.As I rub the rock and the texture was a little bumpy but because it was in the water for a while it became must been on the beach a couple of times because little pieces of rocks were chipping off.It was a nice rock but I didn’t want to keep  it  because it was still on its journey.